As an experienced property developer, our vision has been consistent from the beginning; to be a dynamic and innovative company with a strong commitment to provide exceptionally designed projects, facilities and developments.  Our development team is extremely talented and knowledgeable.  They are capable of offering advice that starts with a site acquisition and concludes with the creation of successful sales and marketing strategies.

We sculpt development proposals to create scheme optimization to suit the target market and ultimately maximize value and profitability.  Maxion identifies and acquires sites with development potential, investing its own resources alongside outside investors to develop iconic projects.  We make it our mission to seek out opportunities in areas which are ready for prime development.

Our development management team has a wealth of technical experience. In return, this allows us to deliver strong results each and every time.  Our internal team consists of 14 talented individuals, who offer each and every client in-depth involvement through all stages of the development process.  They are never left second-guessing any detail throughout the project’s completion.

The Maxion Group has assembled a team of experienced health-care professionals, designers, builders and operators to create a facility that addresses the special needs of today’s retiring seniors.  Past experiences have enabled the development team to build and develop exceptional technical know-how and expertise.

We have a strong passion for quality at every stage of the development process; from design to planning and marketing, construction and finally, facility management.  We have trusted relationships with stakeholders that have a proven track-record for performance in the industry.  These include: consultants and general contractors, all of who have a wide variety of experience.

All of our projects are backed by targeted research and marketing support. In return, this allows us to be proactive and provides an in-depth understanding of the projects full potential.  We have secured development partners that are able to overcome design and construction.

Each and every one of our joint venture arrangements always has clear business objectives, to maximize success. We also ensure there is day-to-day strategic decision making involved with each joint venture projects.  We are constantly seeking new and unique opportunities.