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Project Description

Client:  The Uptown Suites

Location:   Waterloo, Ontario
Status:   Development Stage
Architect:  Onespace Unlimited INC.
Website: www.theuptown.ca

The Uptown Suites has been designed in recognition of longer life-spans by upcoming generations, with greater input by residents into their living space in a secure and well-maintained environment. Whether residents are living in or traveling, they are relieved of responsibilities associated with maintenance. If they require prepared meals, they are available. Social stimulation, health care and professional services are all available at whatever level the residents require. The Uptown Suites is a planned facility strategically designed to address the changing needs and sequential level of care required by our senior population. The options for accommodations have been planned to better address changing health and care requirements through the aging process. This project offers increasing levels of care from independent living in a condo-like environment for individuals and couples who are healthy enough to manage their lives with minimal help through to Assisted Living in simpler, homelike suites to full and maximum care for individuals requiring round the clock nursing and personal care. The Uptown project’s three phases are tailored for these changing needs. Significantly, we have achieved this within one campus-style facility that makes the transitions easier. Moving from Independent Living to Assisted Living to Maximum Care can be seamlessly accomplished in one location so friendships are maintained within the complex and when couples require different levels of care, they are not geographically separated. The project recognizes the importance of keeping family members as well as friends in familiar, accessible and convenient homelike surroundings. The site provides not only amenities for a comfortable daily life, but also access to the natural environment outside the walls of the buildings with gardens, trees, walkways and sitting areas which are an important component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This project has undergone several iterations before arriving at the optimal program. Several years of planning, changing, improving and fine-tuning the design, functional deliverables, operational systems and business metrics have gone into the final product, which I am pleased to say is ready to proceed. The concerns and priorities of all stakeholders have been taken into consideration and we anticipate that with the combined experience between The Maxion Group and Deem Management Services, The Uptown Suites will serve as a model for future growth in this market.