Our vision has been consistent from the beginning; to be a dynamic and innovative company with a strong commitment to provide exceptionally designed projects, facilities and developments.  Our development team is capable of offering advice that starts with a site acquisition and concludes with the creation of successful sales and marketing strategies.

We sculpt development proposals to create scheme optimization to suit the target market and ultimately maximize value and profitability. We make it our mission to seek out opportunities in areas which are ready for prime development.

Our development management team has a wealth of technical experience, which allows us to deliver strong results each and every time. With our past experiences and exceptional technical expertise, we ensure a strong passion for quality at every stage. We have trusted relationships with stakeholders that have a proven track-record for performance in the industry.

We are constantly seeking new and unique opportunities.


Maxwell Michelin 

Business Relations, Merging Markets

Phone: (416)-238-7018 x 1012